Darmian Is Manchester United’s Emergency Man

Jose Mourinho, the manager of Manchester United, the Premier League Club said Matteo Darmian is his emergency man of the club as there were talks about his movement in the summer. Mourinho said Darmian may be used in central defense and full back positions if need be for Manchester United. And knowing the fact that Mourinho is more impressed with utility players all through his career, this is quite possible. The player did not play much in this season and there is less chance that he would play for United unless the club suffers from major crisis related to injuries. However, Mourinho has not stopped showing his trust for the ex Torino player and the comments post his side’s victory of 2-1 at Vicarage Road on Saturday against Watford.

While commenting on Ashley Young and Luke Shaw’s situation in the left – back team, Mourinho also spoke about Darmian. Both Young and Shaw are performing well as per the United’s manager. They are the players with distinct skills and they both have a good understanding as to who is new and experienced amongst them. This is indeed advantageous for Mourinho and his entire team besides having Darmian. Darmian is the emergency man for the club as he is ready to do anything, anytime for the fame and success of the United.

It is indeed the best description for the player as he has occupied that role in his tenure with United. Although he came as a cheap deal from Serie A but began his time in brilliant form at Old Trafford. He was injured a bit, but Manchester United had difficult times under Louis van Gaal and Darmian had no option to escape. These are some of the kind words commented by Mourinho about Darmian which proves how good and reliable a player he is for Manchester United. He is indeed a great player and will never let his club down.